The 3DNA Forum registered users have reached 2000

As of today, the number of registered users on the 3DNA Forum has reached 2000. Over the past three years, the annual average of resignations is 650, corresponding to approximately 1.8 per day. While many registrations use free email services (gmail, hotmail or yahoo, etc), a significant portion (especially more recent ones) employs their job email (e.g., .edu). This is clear sign of increasing trust the community puts in the Forum.

To ensure the 3DNA Forum spam-free, I’ve adhered a zero-tolerance policy of any trolling or suspicion activities. The anti-spam software has played a big role in making this clean status feasible, as is evident from the note: “120,933 Spammers blocked up until today”.

From a scientific perspective, all posted questions have been addressed promptly, normally within hours. Instead of feeling like a burden, maintaining the Forum and answering user questions have been a pleasure. I’d love to see more questions or posts on the Forum.





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