List of modified nucleotides in DSSR output

From early on, 3DNA and DSSR have native support of modified nucleotides. The currently distributed baselist.dat file with 3DNA contains over 700 entries. As of v1.1.4-2014aug09, a new section has been added to DSSR to list explicitly the modified nucleotides in an analyzed structure.

Using the 76-nucleotide long yeast phenylalanine tRNA (1ehz) as an example, the pertinent section in DSSR output is as below.

List of 11 types of 14 modified nucleotides
      nt    count  list
   1 1MA-a    1    A.1MA58
   2 2MG-g    1    A.2MG10
   3 5MC-c    2    A.5MC40,A.5MC49
   4 5MU-t    1    A.5MU54
   5 7MG-g    1    A.7MG46
   6 H2U-u    2    A.H2U16,A.H2U17
   7 M2G-g    1    A.M2G26
   8 OMC-c    1    A.OMC32
   9 OMG-g    1    A.OMG34
  10 PSU-P    2    A.PSU39,A.PSU55
  11 YYG-g    1    A.YYG37

So 1ehz has 14 modified nucleotides of 11 different type, as listed in the following rows after the header line. The meaning of each column should be obvious. For example, the third row means that 5MC (5-methylcytidine, abbreviated as 'c' in 1-letter code) occurs twice, identified as A.5MC40 and A.5MC49, respectively.

With the 3-letter id, one can search the RCSB ligand database for more information about a specified modified nucleotide. The URL would be like this, using pseudouridine (PSU) as an example,

It is hoped that the newly added section, put at the very top of DSSR output, will draw more attention to modified nucleotides.





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