3DNA forum registrations pass 1000

As of June 24, 2013, the number of 3DNA Forum registrations has passed the 1000 mark. On September 16, 2012, I wrote the post The number of 3DNA forum registrations has reached 500. Thus, in slightly over 9 months, the number has doubled, with approximately 2 registrations per day.

I am glad to see the steady increase of the 3DNA user base. Over the time, I have strived to be responsive to user questions, and made every effort to keep the forum spam free. By and large, employing simple 3DNA-related questions has turned out to be an effective anti-spam strategy. Since the launch of the new forum.x3dna.org in March 2012, I’ve received less than five requests (to the best of my memory) asking for help on registrations. As a recently example, a potential user got stuck with the question about what ‘w’ means in w3DNA. Based on user feedback, I have added hints to some questions to make their answers more obvious. Whatever the reasons, each reported issue has been promptly resolved.

With the release of DSSR and the continuous support of an enthusiastic user community, I have every reason to believe that 3DNA will gain more popularity in the years to come.





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