Web-interface to DSSR

I’ve come up with a preliminary web-interface to DSSR, currently accessible at URL http://web.x3dna.org/dssr. The DSSR web-interface has been tested on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and IE, with satisfying results. A screenshot of the home page is given below, using 1msy as an example:

Screenshot of the Web-DSSR homepage

After clicking the Submit button, users will be presented with the result page of a DSSR run. The beginning portion of the above example is as follows:

Screenshot of a DSSR-run

Note that the DSSR web-interface is being provided via a shared web hosting service, thus it has limited resources. Specifically, the uploaded file cannot be larger than two megabytes (2MB), and the process could be slow. Additionally, the file must have an extension of .pdb or .cif. To take full advantage of what DSSR has to offer, please install and run the software locally.

By design, DSSR is self-contained, command-line driven, with zero dependance on third-party libraries. Such features make it straightforward to build a GUI- or web-interface to DSSR, or integrate the program into other structural bioinformatics tools. As the need arises, I will refine the DSSR web-interface to better serve the community. The current simple, yet exploratory, web interface should make DSSR accessible to a much wider audience.





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