Updates on x3dna.org

From early on, the x3dna.org domain and its related sub-domains (e.g., for the forum and the web-interface to DSSR) has been served via shared hosting. By and large, this simple arrangement has worked quite well. Over the years, though, I’ve gradually realized some of its inherent limitations. One is the limited resources available to the 3DNA-related websites. Another is the accessibility issue from countries like China.

To remedy such issues, I’ve recently moved the 3DNA Forum and the web-interface to DSSR to a dedicated web server at Columbia University. Moreover, a duplicate copy of the 3DNA homepage is made available via http://home.x3dna.org hosted at Columbia. The three new websites have been verified to be accessible directly from China.

These updates on x3dna.org not only ensure global accessibility to 3DNA/DSSR, but also allow for more web services to be made available.





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